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Web Kanban board workitem inclusion questions

sam detweiler (12.5k6195201) | asked Mar 21 '14, 4:04 p.m.
edited Mar 21 '14, 4:22 p.m.
 on rtc 4.0.4 I have built a kanban board, using a custom state group list., and a custom workitem to represent a team being onboarded to to our production jazz platform. 1 down, 3 in progress, 796 to go!. 

the new workitem was cloned from Epic, all the states and transitions deleted and new states and transitions added. this workitem was added to the Planning type workitems list (Onboard, Epic, Story)
each state maps to one of the new state groups. the workitem categories also match the state groups, as different skilled staff will do each phase. 

all works well. 

the board is ordered by workitem tag, so there is one row for each team.  

now, we start to fill in the work of each onboarding.  I am seeing some layout anomolies.

the only workitem whose states match the state groups is the custom one. 
epics states have the 'none' state group. 

stores and tasks appear at the bottom of the page, in the group, 
Items with unknown states
which is perfect. 

but epics appear in their own row, labeled 
which seems to indicate that the layout tool is looking for the tag.

but why?  its state (new) ( doesn't have a stategroup, same as story
which displays down in the items with unknown states...

<stateGroupDefinition category="open" icon="processattachment:/workflow/new.gif" id="sg10" name="New"/>
<stateGroupDefinition category="open" icon="processattachment:/workflow/idea.gif" id="sg4" name="Initial Contact"/>
<stateGroupDefinition category="open" icon="processattachment:/workflow/define.gif" id="sg5" name="Team Discovery"/>
<stateGroupDefinition category="inprogress" icon="processattachment:/workflow/implement.gif" id="sg6" name="Project Setup"/>
<stateGroupDefinition category="inprogress" icon="processattachment:/workflow/verify.gif" id="sg7" name="Validation"/>
<stateGroupDefinition category="inprogress" icon="processattachment:/workflow/implement2.gif" id="sg8" name="Production Setup"/>
<stateGroupDefinition category="closed" icon="processattachment:/workflow/works.gif" id="sg9" name="Go Live"/>
<stateGroupDefinition category="closed" icon="processattachment:/workflow/close.gif" id="sg11" name="Not Applicable/completed"/>

what is special about epic? or is there some other issue?

and the board def is 

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