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Plan work item for multiple releases?

Evan Leonard (4667) | asked Aug 09 '11, 10:15 a.m.

I have one group that we're looking at migrating to RTC and have a question. This group has the following requirement:

- We need to have a way to clearly indicate which branches/releases a change should be made on. This applies to both defects and new stories.
- We also need a way to schedule a work item for a Sprint independent of which branch/release it is to be applied to.

The "Planned For" field in RTC satisfies the 2nd requirement, however, it does not cover the first. What have others done to solve this? I won't want to have to maintain a 2nd list of releases. Is there a way to create a multi-select field to select releases (iterations) in RTC?

Thank you,

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