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Question about teamz.macroDefsXml

Carmelo Merino (931313) | asked Jul 18 '11, 8:29 a.m.
Fighting with our build-problems, we've found in the logs a strange ENV-variable:

 SET "teamz.macroDefsXml"="C:ProgrammeIBMJazzTeamServer_3_0_1servertomcattempmacrodefs8829225847675548708.xml"

It looks as if the variable had lost the back slashes! That could be nothing .. or it could be the reason why the build doesn't work. What could be the reason?

Thank you very much!

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Guy Slade (64158) | answered Jul 18 '11, 10:05 a.m.

Out of curiosity.....What lod file did you find this in?
If you take a look in the Load Directory you have specified in the Build Definition you are using.... the Load Directory is something you must specify on the 'Jazz Source Control - z/OS' page and is a directory on USS...... you should see a file called 'macrodefs.xml.
For example, if I set my Ant Arguments to "-verbose" (Ant Arguments are set on the 'Dependency Build" tab of the build definition) then I see lines like this in the log file
WRITE Changed mode on "/u/gslade/bld/macrodefs.xml" to 33279
WRITE Wrote 20659 bytes to "/u/gslade/bld/macrodefs.xml".
Where '/u/gslade/bld' is my Load Directory.

If this file is there then I think that missing backslash is a red herring.


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