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Unable to load the content. Found more than one contributor

Laschell Crook (143) | asked Jan 28 '11, 5:09 p.m.
I am one of two admins set up with JazzAdmin level access to RQM. We are using LDAP authentication. However, we had an IBM rep in to help us install the software and we had a lot of trouble getting the LDAP set up. When he was trying to get it going, he had created my userID twice in the system. Once in lower case and once in upper case. After he left, I did get the LDAP authentication working. I have received a lot of complaints about the users having to use uppercase to log into RQM, so I went to advanced properties to make the application log in case insensitive. Now, it won't work for me because it says: Unable to load the content. Found more than one contributor with userId 'lm78647'. That is true, I had the upper case and lower case entry and with case insensitive it now looks like two of the same. I know now I should have gotten rid of one of my entries but hind site being 20/20 and all, but what do I do now? Can the other user archive one or my entries and that take care of the problem? Is it possible to delete me from the system, I doubt it because it would cause cascading deletes? But can he archive the one entry without messing up the other?


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Christophe Cornu (47123) | answered Jan 29 '11, 4:42 p.m.
Hi: if you don't get any answer soon, please try on the RQM newsgroup at as this is the RTC newsgroup for users here.

Christophe Cornu
RTC SCM Client

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