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Jazz related publications

Adrian Schroeter (71142) | asked Nov 10 '08, 10:06 a.m.

in this post I'd like to gather all Jazz related publications, so feel free to post your publication and I'll update and extend this post.

ICGSE - International Conference on Global Software Engineering
2008 - Global Software Development and Delay: Does Distance Still Matter?

iReCoSE - Infrastructure in Research for Collaborative Software Engineering
2008 - Mining Jazz: An Experience Report
2008 - Jazz as a research platform: experience from the Software Development Governance Group at IBM Research
2008 - Jazz development data: a community perspective
2008 - Jazz Sangam: A Real-Time Tool for Distributed Pair Programming in a Team Development Platform
2008 - Experience with Collaboration Systems in Undergraduate Software Engineering Courses
2008 - Effectively Automate and Enforce Process Rules and Tasks when Delivering Changes
2008 - Leveraging the Jazz Platform for Developing an Agile Planning Tool

ICSE Workshop: CHASE - Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering
2008 - Cooperation and coordination concerns in a distributed software development project

ICSE Workshop: Software development governance
2008 - Enacting responsibility assignment in software development environments

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