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Need to change a user name

Walter Mansur (6362917) | asked Dec 10 '10, 12:15 p.m.

We had a user name - DevUsers. We now need to change it from DevUsers to DevUser. We use LDAP for our user names in RTC. I have checked to make sure that the new one is actually in LDAP and is valid.

I followed the instructions here to update the user id field in the LDAP user directory:

* Go to advanced configuration page in the web UI
* Change the "User Registry Type" property to "UNSUPPORTED"
* Open the user record in the Web UI or the Eclipse UI.
* Since we are using Unsupported user registry, the Jazz web UI or the Eclipse UI would allow you to update the user id information
* Change the user id of the user to the new value
* Change the user directory back to "LDAP".

The above are from this link:

When I do the above steps and click on Save, I get the following:

"Saving user failed.

The user in the repository is more recent than the version you are editing. This usually means another user edited this user while the editor was open. Refresh the editor and try again."

This happens using the Web UI Admin page or the Eclipse client.

Any help or input is appreciated.



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Matt Muller (54812052) | answered Mar 14 '19, 8:52 a.m.


Are you missing a step?

Change property Ability to Modify User IDs from false to true..

Matt Muller..   just out there helping as many Jazzfriends as I can.

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Georg Kellner (82137292) | answered Mar 14 '19, 8:02 a.m.

Hi Walter,

I ran in the same problem.
Root cause on our site:
There was an additional account with the same userid I wanted to change to.

Greetings Georg.

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