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API: Problem finding assets by category when cat name has /

Michael Payne (56175) | asked Oct 08 '10, 11:05 a.m.
I'm writing code to the RAM API to find all assets by SubCategory. The RAM version we are using is

I'm using the RAMAssetQueryBuilder to filter my search results by RAMCategorySchema and RAMSubCategory.

RAMAssetQueryBuilder queryBuilder = new RAMAssetQueryBuilder(ramSession);
SearchResult searchResult = repo.getAssets(queryBuilder);

This works great except for when the Category or SubCategory has a / in the name. I don't get any results in that case.
I've noticed in some fields of the SubCategory there is an escape character that is put in front of the /.

Example of text on RAMSubCategory:
Categorization: No Input \/ Output (Daemon)
Id: no_input__output_daemon
Name: No Input / Output (Daemon)
Full Path: Trio Project Map/Environment/No Input \/ Output (Daemon)

If I do the query from the WebUI, it works fine but as it appears to use the id.
Example Web Query:

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