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RMT2RQM migration plugin problem

Keith Drummond (1677) | asked Jun 28 '10, 11:00 a.m.
I have Rational Manual Tester installed at C:Program Files\IBM\RMT70
Rational Quality Manager is installed at C:IBM\RQM201

I follwed the instructions to install the migration plugins
1.Copy the install package from the RQM\migration folder to a C:\temp
2.Extract the zip file to C:\temp\RMTMigration\RMT2RQM.
3.Open a command prompt and change to the rmt2rqm directory.
4.From there, run the install_tool.bat file.

The problem I keep gettingat the Command Prompt is C:\temp\RMTMigration\RMT2RQM>rem ****** "Check if RMT is installed.

So what Am i doing wrong to where it can't find RMT?

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