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CC Sync won't run scheduled syncs

Geoffrey Clemm (30.0k23035) | asked Jun 21 '10, 9:07 a.m.
I received the following email question, and thought I'd share it with
the forum:

We have an abandoned ( don't know why it is Abandoned ) rtc-cc sync
build that is scheduled to run regularly will not run from schedule anymore.
Can request a new sync build without Issue.
Any ideas on how to get it back to running on a schedule ?

My response: Remember that an rtc-cc sync engine is executed with the
standard rtc build machinery. So you would use the same approach as you
would use when any build engine is not running its scheduled builds.

In particular, I'm guessing your sync engine process is hung or died.
Are you starting the sync engine from the Sync Stream GUI, or from some
host start up script?
If from the GUI, find the command window for the sync engine, and
see what its status messages are.
If from some host start up script, find the log, and see what it is
saying (it should be contacting the RTC server every couple of minutes,
and generating a log message saying it is doing so).
Once you've gotten all the info from the command window or log, if the
sync engine process is still around, kill it (via an OS process kill
Then start a new sync engine for that sync stream.


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