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RTC Work Item Resolution Date being adjusted even though the work item has not been updated

Karen Steele (1.2k2137146) | asked May 30, 9:46 a.m.
We do an daily extract against a given work item - the extract updates any field on the work item type if there is a change (as expected).

However, we have work items that are CLOSED and therefore the resolution date was set at that point - during the extract import, no other data was changed on the work item, but this work item would still be in the extract, so it would have presumably been checked for updates and should have skipped it - however, the history confirms this that no other change were made, but the resolution date was reset to today.

Why is it doing that ? 

CLM5.02 ifix18

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Karen Steele (1.2k2137146) | answered May 30, 12:22 p.m.
as it turns out the system is doing exactly what its been told to do.

We have a catch 22 in that we have a number of workflow states that are part of the Closed grouping, so by default resolution date is being set based n this value. 

Additionally, whilst the record it self does not show any history of changes to field, the data is updated in back end database regardless of whether there was any changes e.g. CLOSED was overwritten with CLOSED so its the same value so in history there is no change, but because the db overwrites the fields with the same values, the resolution date is reset to today.

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