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Exe Name Needed and Path

Priyaranjan Panda (11) | asked Feb 08, 5:19 a.m.

 I have installed "RQM-Extras-RQMExcelWordImporter-6.0.5.exe" So that I got a Tab "Add-ins" ribbon button in Excel and  also I got option for RQM--> Export to repository option.

When I clicked on "Export to repository option", one window will open where we can enter RQM URL, User name and password mapping file.., Please find the attached file.

I need that exe path, so that instead of opening excel ,I can invoke the same Exe.

I need that Exe Name and also where its available?

Ralph Schoon commented Feb 08, 7:49 a.m.

To me, the question does not make much sense.  

  1. Please find the attached file - is that part of some UI, you can not attach files here, except images, if you have the reputation.
  2. I need that..., I can invoke the same Exe. - What does this refer to, related to the documentation/tool?
  3. I need that... - What does this refer to, related to the documentation/tool?

Priyaranjan Panda commented Feb 08, 8:26 a.m.

 I am unable to attach the Tool image .Showing  below error.

Error: uploading images is limited to users with >60 reputation points

I will just explain below:
1.Once we install "RQM-Extras-RQMExcelWordImporter-6.0.5.exe" , automatically one "Add-ins" ribbon added in Excel
2. click "Add-ins" ribbon
3.RQM dropdown  will shown and It contains 3 options..
    a)Export to file
    b)Export to repository
    c)Import for Ofline

When I am clicking "Export to repository" option , one new window will open(which is a window form with Title "Export to RQM")
There we need to mention our RQM link, UserId and password and mapping cfg file
then click on Export.
It will export all testcase details to RQM.
I am trying to use this windows form in Python code using Pyatogui. 

Ralph Schoon commented Feb 12, 4:00 a.m.

I doubt anyone has experience with that. 

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