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DNG - Resize Embedded Image in Text Artifact

Glyn Costello (14049) | asked Nov 08 '23, 9:58 a.m.

 I've been asked by a member of my team, they are pasting images into a text artifact in DNG, but they are coming out very large in the document. How can they resize the embedded image? I've had a look and can't see how to do this. The expected behaviour would be some kind of corner drag feature. 

Tried in Edge and Chrome. 



Carol Watson commented Nov 08 '23, 10:38 a.m.


The workaround I use is to paste the image in Word or Outlook, size it, then snapshot it again.  It will then paste at that size in DNG.  I'm using SnagIt to capture the snapshot though, so I it may vary depending on what tool you're using to take the snapshot.  It won't paste if you size in Word/Outlook and use right click/copy. You have to take a new snapshot after sizing.

Good luck,

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