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Configuration Management - OSLC Link/Attribute Mapping for links across all application

Geeta Jadhav (11) | asked Mar 28, 11:04 a.m.

 Hi Team,

We are working on GC enabled project area.
Links were not showing in CCM application from DNG and QM applications. When we created Release and mapped it to GC in CCM and also added in GC then the links started visible in all the application.

Now the question is link type and the attribute mapping. By default, some attributes are mapped with some link types. 
Example as below. 
Link type                                  Attribute
Tested By Test Case -             Target Configuration
Implements Requirement -      Target Configuration
Related Test Plan -                   Found In

The Defect work item has "Target Configuration" attribute and it is set with release, so we are able to link the "Tested by test cases" with QM application
whereas we do not have Found In attribute in Defect work item and we are not able to link to "Related Test Plan" with QM.

So request you please suggest do we need to add Found In attribute to all the work items or we need to change the mapping of the "Related Test Plan" to Target Configuration. Please suggest If there are any impacts changing link type and attribute mapping or any impact in adding Found In attribute in all the work items.

Thank you in advance!
Geeta Jadhav


David Honey commented Apr 04, 5:26 a.m.

Have you read
This explains most of the moving parts of this.

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