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ETM(RQM) Publishing - No documentation on "stylesheet" artifact type

Glyn Costello (14048) | asked Jan 17 '23, 10:46 a.m.
Hi all,

I created some publishing templates for RQM starting with the samples available here:

These were working fine at the end of last year.

Just tried to run another publishing job using the same templates, but they're failing.

It seems to be failing at the "Stylesheet" datasource which does not seem to documented anywhere (although it's a really useful way of publishing from test resources).

The problem seems to be that the Stylesheet element in the test plan XML is using a different "Project Name" in the URL for the stylesheet datasource.

The entry has an old name for the project area:

https://[myServer]/qm/service/[OLD PROJECT AREA NAME]/testplan/

However, if I make a manual REST GET using the current project area name, it still doesn't work. This REST GET worked last year no problem. It seems that the Test Plan's stylesheet URL has changed, but I don't know what to. Doesn't with with the project ID either (instead of name).

I have made some project config changes, like I updated some artifact templates. I'm worried that this has somehow broken the Test Plan's stylesheet entry.

As I said, it's not documented anywhere that I can see, how to use the Stylesheet datasource.

I'm currently using as we're about to migrate to 7.0.2 in Feb but I've had some issues getting the migration planning through our IT team due to a lot of site changes going on at the same time (so I'm unable to contact support about it as it's no longer supported).

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Glyn Costello (14048) | answered Jan 17 '23, 11:45 a.m.
edited Jan 17 '23, 11:46 a.m.
Ok, I figured it out...

It was working for some DSX files but not others... in all examples, I had specified the Datasource URI with a oslc_config.context built into the datasource URI.

I tried changing the datasource configuration so that the oslc_config.context was specified separately in the dsx file then all DSX files worked.

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