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RPE - RQM - - Test Cases Missing from REST API Request Query

Glyn Costello (13837) | asked Sep 29 '20, 5:25 a.m.

 Using the 

https://[HOST]/qm/service/[PROJECT]/testcase?abbreviate=false&oslc_config.context=[GLOBAL CONFIG]

REST API request, the request returns a list of test cases, but it seems there is only a partial list and some test cases are missing from the returned results. Please advise?

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Monika Rajput (25612) | answered Oct 01 '20, 4:21 a.m.

 Hi Glyn,

When there are more no of test cases or test artifacts on the server, the paging strategy is used. Please check the returned XML feed, it should have few links with content rel="self" or rel="next" or rel="last" with href for the appropriate page.

Something like 
<link rel="next" href="https://[HOST]/qm/service/[PROJECT]/testcase?amp%3Btoken=_ut9xAAO9Eeu0z75CNbq_GQ&amp;abbreviate=false&amp;amp%3Boslc_config.context=[GLOBAL_CONFIG]&amp;amp%3Bpage=1&amp;token=_qOkYEAO-Eeu0z75CNbq_GQ&amp;page=1"/>


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Glyn Costello commented Oct 02 '20, 6:39 a.m.

 Thanks, I increased the number of artifacts per page to a number larger than the project and this removed the need for paging. 

Subramanya Prasad Pilar commented Oct 02 '20, 9:30 a.m.

You can note that RPE automatically handles paging. Though you see only 50 (or whatever number of artifacts per page) artifacts, the output generated  by RPE will contain all artifacts.

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