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DNG - - Best Practice on using Reviews

Glyn Costello (13323) | asked Sep 16 '22, 12:31 p.m.
Hi everyone, I'm wondering what's considered best practice when using reviews in DNG, especially with modules and configuration management enabled?

I sort of want the process to be:

Draft document
  > review
     > if there are comments to deal with, then revise the paragraphs as necessary
         > when there are no further comments, approve the module
             > Publish the module in the state it was approved in the Review
                    > Publish a review report

Ideally, once the review is complete and comments have been dealt with, then an 'approval' would lead to a baselined version of the module from which to publish the document.

Reviews can be made on baselines, but doing this with a module and adding comments in the paragraphs within, then trying to find what the comments were then editing the document to close the comments is an exercise in absolute frustration. Reviews in DNG were clearly not designed for reviewing baselines of Modules.

Also, Reviews cannot be created in Change Sets either.

I'd like to avoid having two reviews, (one for review based on an editable module and one for approval based on a baseline).

I'm a little uneasy asking people to sign baselines of components because a component might have several modules/documents in it. With CM enabled, you can't baseline just a module, only an entire component.

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Jan Jancar (736) | answered Sep 30 '22, 10:39 a.m.

Hi Glyn,

the Approval process is different for every customer. I am not aware of any recommended scenarios. When GC is enabled, we have seen the following:
  1. Review on the stream
    • users can make review in "Review" and approve "on the fly"
    • users can user State Workflow to approve things when the comments were resolved
  2. Review on the baseline
    1. make Review comments, fix the requirements in the stream and repeat the process until making final Baseline
  3. Make changes in Change set review with help of Workflow or in ccm application. Here DNG review does not work
  4. Review outside the tool. 
    1. We have created several comparisons in PDF, with RPE or Excel comparisons 
  5. Combination of several of this points
Baseline in DNG is done on project level. When you enable CM then on component level. You can create a naming convention for baselines to identify which baseline is for which module.

Relevant extensions from Softacus. 

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Glyn Costello (13323) | answered Sep 30 '22, 10:47 a.m.
Yeah. The main frustration is the difficulty in seeing and addressing comments in the module. Whether the review is based on a baseline or a stream, you can't edit the module in the review, and then you can't see the comments from a review from outside a review.

Is this improved in anyway in 7.0.2 or 7.0.3?

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