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Add "unassigned" to complexity enumeration

Christian Opitz (63210) | asked Oct 22 '20, 4:23 p.m.
edited Oct 22 '20, 4:23 p.m.
Hi everyone,

as far as I understand, the complexity enumeration has some special features, i.e. the id value is not only used as value stored in the database, but also for internal calculations, burn downs, etc.

Since there is currently no way to distinguish between 0 pts and "not yet estimated", we would like to add an "unassigned" value as default.

How would you do that, considering that its value should not be considered in caluclations and the limitation, that the "Name needs to be a number"?

I was able to add it (both in web and XML is possible) by adding a value of 00 and then renaming it to unassigned. It results in XML in the following:
<literal default="true" id="00" name="unassigned" null="true"/>
<literal id="0" name="0 pts"/>

I suppose this is not really a good thing to do (although possible). I now see "unassigned" in the work item iteself, but "0 pts" when looking at the item in a plan, so I am even more sure, that it is not a good idea :-)

Any ideas how to add an "unassigned" value?

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