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Unable to find "Implements" attribute in RM Requirement after linking through an "Implements By" link in CCM Work Item

Timothy Taubitz (11) | asked Jul 26, 3:56 p.m.

 As the title says, when I go through and do an "Add Implements By" link to a requirement in RM, that requirement does not show the "Implements" link as being populated. When I add the link I make sure to add it in the Modules tab of the Requirements Browser and everything seems to link correctly. When I click on the linked requirement in the CCM Work Item it brings up exactly what I expect, but I dont see any links being populated inside any of the Requirement's attributes. I have traceability from CCM to DNG but not DNG to CCM. 

Im sure its just some setting I need to go through and configure but I havent found any documentation on this problem, everything just shows that it should just show up automatically. 

Ralph Schoon commented Jul 27, 2:42 a.m.


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permanent link
David Honey (1.1k7) | answered Jul 27, 5:46 a.m.
All links between requirements and resources in other domains are stored in the other domain applications. So if you create an implemented by link between a requirement and an EWM work item, that link is owned by and managed by EWM, not DOORS Next.

DOORS Next may show such links as incoming links. For this to work, the EWM project area must have OSLC attribute mapping enabled so that the relationship is associated with an EWM release. You might find the following Jazz library article helpful:

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