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RPE - - Trace Matrix - Column Per Module

Glyn Costello (13637) | asked May 26 '22, 10:40 a.m.

I'm trying to produce a traceability matrix using DNG REST API where I have the top level requirements in the left column, then each column to the right is a different module and the cell represents the ID for the requirement in that module that satisfies the top level.... e.g.

Top Level ID | Module 1 | Module 2 |
10               | 21           |               |
11               |                | 31          |
12               | 22           | 32          |

In the REST API, the link information doesn't contain the source's requirement's parent module. I have to reconfigure the datasource dynamically using the "relation" property to query the parent module which is very slow.

Is there anyway of bringing the parent module to the fore in the link information?

Each artifact type is "requirement" and each link type is "Satisfied by"

Also, is there anyway of applying "Native" filters to DNG datasource queries within the RPE template to filter by link type (like you can with RTC queries)?.

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