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DNG XLM file not showing term links for RPE

J Hughes (111) | asked Mar 17 '22, 3:44 a.m.


I'm putting together an RPE script to to create a glossary by go through a collection of terms and publishing those which are used in the module being reported. The terms and modules sit in separate components in the project, linked by global config.

Using the URL for the term artefact: 
https://[server:port]/rm/publish/resources?resourceURI=[Artefact URI]&oslc_config.context=https://[server:port]/rm/cm/stream/[streamURI]
or the collection of terms: 
https://[server:port]/rm/publish/resources?viewURI=[viewURI]&projectURI=[project URI]&resourceURI=[Artefact URI]&oslc_config.context=https://[server:port]/rm/cm/stream/[streamURI]

Looking at the links shown in the XML file using the URLs above, it will show a 'Referenced' link between the term and requirement artefacts sitting in different components, but the 'ArtifactTermReferenceLink' is not shown. However if they are in the same component the 'ArtifactTermReferenceLink' is shown. 

any ideas would be greatly appreciated,


Ian Barnard commented Mar 17 '22, 9:13 a.m.
We're not telepathic: What version of DOORS Next? and are you on latest iFix? Ditto for RPE?

Is the link between components created in a global configuration? If so are you checking for the link in the XML when in the same global configuration?

J Hughes commented Mar 17 '22, 9:31 a.m.

Hi Ian, 

We're using RPE v6.0.6.1 and Rational DOORS Next Generation v6.0.6.1 (iFix016). 

The link was created in the global configuration. Oddly enough, it's shown in the requirement XML in the other component just not in the term XML on the other side.

Ian Barnard commented Mar 18 '22, 12:07 p.m. | edited Mar 18 '22, 12:09 p.m.

If so are you checking for the link in the XML when in the same global configuration?

You haven't answered this - and your question says you're using the local RM configuration to retrieve the data - BUT notice this link is only valid at its target end (the term) in a global configuration - so use the one same global configuration URI instead of each end's local configuration URIs - does that work? 

When you use the term link within a component that's of course valid in the RM local configuration so you see it at both ends.

J Hughes commented Mar 22 '22, 10:54 a.m.
Thanks, the global configuration URI was what was need to get it all working

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