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Generating PUB Documents Through the API

Andy Lapping (6837) | asked Dec 06 '21, 3:52 a.m.

 I have a simple template / dsx - basically a paragraph of text (just to test the concept)

I imported the provided SampleDocGen project from PUB/lib/api/examples into eclipse
After modifying it to include the correct libraries - it executes and generates a document
However - the moment I add the Rhapsody library to the project (thats the end goal - to be able to generate a document from Rhapsody) - it fails to generate because it fails to checkout the license

[Sample] 08:50:43 - Starting run...

[Sample] 08:50:43 - License checkout failed. Retrying for 20 more seconds...

[Sample] 08:50:48 - License checkout failed. Retrying for 15 more seconds...

[Sample] 08:50:53 - License checkout failed. Retrying for 10 more seconds...

[Sample] 08:50:58 - License checkout failed. Retrying for 5 more seconds...

[Sample] 08:51:03 - Unable to access license factory.

[PUB] 08:51:03 - CRRPE3010E The license could not be verified.

Unable to access license factory.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: failure 'Remote document generation failed for report URL file:/C:/Work/T1.dsx'




Remove the Rhapsody library - it works again 

Any ideas ?

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Andy Lapping (6837) | answered Dec 06 '21, 7:33 a.m.

Fixed it. 

PUB is 64 bit - Rhapsody client 32 bit
Adding Rhapsody made eclipse try and load 32 bit versions of all dlls
In Build Settings I forced the rcl_telelogic jar file to use the rcl_telelogic.dll from the '64' folder in the PUB install

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