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Why does the allExtensions RPE query only run once per work item?

John Bacon (132) | asked Apr 05 '23, 2:43 p.m.

 When I run my RPE template with workitem/workitem followed by a do while loop with the workitem/workitem/allExtensions query inside the loop, I get results for the first iteration of the loop, but not subsequent iterations (within the context of the same workitem/workitem entry) seems to not even execute the query to go to the elements inside the query's container.

I will attempt to get my coworker with more reputation points than I to add the image from RPE.

To elaborate, the allExtensions query is supposed to execute once for each cell I add, and I'm using a Do While loop to add one cell for each Extension found in the project area. What is actually happening is the allExtensions query is executing perfectly for the first cell per work item, then not executing at all for each subsequent cell for that same work item.

Janet Charbonneau commented Apr 05 '23, 2:46 p.m.
Here is the image of the template that we are currently working on:

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Karan Dethalia (561) | answered Apr 07 '23, 1:03 a.m.

 For debugging the issue, create a simpler template. At first just add containers with appropriate query and print the values , to see if all values are getting printed.
Then start adding conditions/loops according to your requirement , but make sure you generate document after adding each condition or loop. May be that will bring you down to the condition or loop that is causing this .

John Bacon commented Apr 07 '23, 11:34 a.m.

Thank you for your response and suggestions. 

I am familiar with these troubleshooting techniques, and probably should have mentioned that I arrived at the pictured version of the template through the "build small, test often" approach. Also, as you may notice from the picture, I was using the debug feature to isolate exactly where it goes off course.

The part I'm really struggling with (as I have concluded using a slow, tedious process with the debugger,) is that the breakdown/failure does not seem to be with any of the loops, containers, or conditions. It appears to be at the completely unfiltered query for allExtensions. The entire logic works perfectly for the first relevant allExtensions key of each work item. Then, for every subsequent cell/desired key the allExtensions query seems not to even check for values. I added a container inside the query just to put a breakpoint in there during debug, and after the first loop instance for each work item, it didn't hit that breakpoint again until the next work item.

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