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Exporting to Spreadsheet (CSV\XLS\XSLX) without glossary linking syntax.

Mitch G (2710) | asked Oct 28 '20, 10:37 p.m.

I've successfully spent a good amount of time importing a document for my client and nicely linked up requirements with glossary terms so I can maximise the Rich Hover feature to deliver a better reading experience. This is all great, smashing work IBM/Jazz team, this is super helpful for understanding defined terms or acronyms on the fly. 

The only issue I have now is that when I export requirements (either by Export View, or simply a small selection) the format that the "Primary Text" comes back out in now gets replaced with some linking syntax.

For example, the term ABC was replaced by (Ctrl+Space --> select the glossary term "ABC" which was found), when this is exported the original text now replaces "ABC" with:

I understand that this is for helping the DOORsNG Round Trip spreadsheet export, but is there anyway to recover the original text so I can present it back to stakeholders that can read the requirement that don't have DOORs access? I could easily create some kind of script in python or excel to resolve this but it seems like it should be a reasonable exercise to export without the linking syntax or perhaps after doing the replacement this permanently alters the Primary Text attribute...

Thoughts appreciated, I bet others out there might be wondering the same. I'm finding Rich Hover really helpful, so thanks IBM\Jazz team.

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