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Help with Planning and reporting across multiple projects' iterations

Glyn Costello (13843) | asked Oct 21 '20, 4:59 a.m.

 Hi all, 

I have a team who work on multiple projects. We are using a customised Formal Management template, I have set up an iteration structure across all the projects to be the same iteration structure so I have a chance of keeping them all in sync. 

I need a simpler way of being able to do the following, ideally using the "My Work" and "quick planner" interfaces... 

1. For a given iteration, say "Sprint 5" which is in all projects, how many work items were planned when the iteration started? How many work items were not completed by the end of the iteration? Were any work items added to the iteration during the sprint? JIRA does this very well with an automatic report and can work across project areas. I'm struggling to find a way of doing this in RTC. Is there anything in DCC/LQE I can enable which captures the history/changes to iterations which I can then report on in JRS across projects?

2. How can I more easily start, say, Sprint 6 across all the projects without going into the admin page for each project finding the next iteration and making it current?

3. When making reports in JRS and calling up the "planned for", is there a way to filter based on the text of the iteration in either DCC or LQE? Seeing as I have made all the iteration structures the same, it would be good if I could see all tasks planned for Sprint 6, 7, 8, etc. without having to select them individually for each project in the report. 

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