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Is it possible to export attachment with RPE integrated in Jazz ?

Alexandre Roger (111) | asked Dec 01 '20, 9:10 a.m.

I tried to export attachment from a workItem with RPE and it works if I start it from the RPE Launcher.
I can't get it to work when I integrate the RPE template inside Jazz.
I keep getting a broken image picture with a link pointing to a tmp file and not to my attachment.

Is it possible to export the attachments of a workItem when the RPE template is integrated in Jazz ?

Best Regards,
Alexandre Roger

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Alexandre Roger (111) | answered Dec 02 '20, 9:17 a.m.
I found the solution to my problem.
When I configured my main datasource I add the '*/*' header in the accepted headers of the datasource.
But in integrated mode inside Jazz it does not work.
So you have to make a hidden copy of your datasource and then reconfigure on your main datasource just before exporting your attachments and while configuring the reconfiguration you should add the '*/*' header in the accept Header field.
Then the attachments will be exported correctly to your document or HTML output

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