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Best practices for global configuration baselines and linking to EWM

Fabian K. (236) | asked Oct 05 '20, 4:28 a.m.

Is there a generally accepted best practice regarding baselines in a global configuration and their interplay with links to EWM work items?

Basically I see two valid use cases, which unfortunately seem to be mutually exclusive.

Use case 1:
When I follow a "implements requirement" link from a completed work item to a requirement in DOORS NG, I expect to navigate to the baselined version of the requirement.
This can be achieved by configuring the Release associated with the work item to point to the relevant global configuration baseline.

Use case 2:
Starting from the current requirement stream I want to see all work items linked to a particular requirement by "implements requirement" link. I want to see all work items, regardless of whether they reference a global confiugration baseline or the current global configuration stream.
The only way I see how this can be achieved is NOT to associate the Release of work items with a global configuration baseline. Instead always only reference the current global configuration stream. However this methodology would prevent use case 1.

I hope this makes the problem clear. I am curious if others have also stumbled upon this as an issue, and would like to know how this is generally handled.

Kind regards,

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Kathryn Fryer (461) | answered Oct 05 '20, 9:40 a.m.
Hi Fabian,

For use case 2, you could try a JRS report. The work item links are not filtered in JRS.

Use LQE (not LQE scoped by configuration), and the "view all projects when reporting on configurations". 
Choose WI > implements Reqt (mark required) > Requirement.
Set a condition on the requirement for the specific ID of the requirement you want.
Run the report. You should see all the work items that link to that particular requirement.

You could likely save the report and add it to your dash. 
Hope that helps.

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