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Can I deploy an RTC package from one LPAR deploy to another?

Fons Maathuis (217) | asked Sep 01 '20, 10:05 a.m.

Hi everyone,

I made a package on a LPAR. The package is stored on omvs /u/rtc01/u/mos/package on LPAR SVBO. I've tested a deployment for this package on this LPAR, works OK. But I want to deploy this package to another LPAR, SVBM. This LPAR has a build-agent running, I can do a build to this LPAR using a build-engine that connects my repo with it. 
So I switched the build-engine from the deployment definition to the one used with the testbuild. 
When executing this deployment, I get an error. It can't find the remote package
* /usr/local/aop/RTC/usr/lpp/jazz/v6.0.6.1/buildsystem/buildtoolkit/scripts/enterprise/deployment/deploy.xml:522: CRJZZ0829E: The remote package root * does not exist.

I can explore the package with an URL in a browser, but when I use this URL in the deployment definition it still doesn't find the package 
What can I do?


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