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Can its process configuration source be sabotaged somehow to achieve the equivalence of a PA getting removed?

long TRUONG (3654116146) | asked May 22 '20, 10:37 a.m.

On RTC 6.0.4 

We have been asked to remove a PA:
  • As PA can only be archived, NOT removed.
  • And our offer to remove all members from PA then archive not considered enough.
We found sort of backdoor solution in
  • removing all WIs
  • removing contents from all versions (but tip) of all files
We have removed all WIs: NO sweat. But we found removing contents onerous. 
We are looking for an alternative: Wonder if we can sabotage the process configuration source to make the PA inaccessible/inoperable as far as Source Control concerned.

Our questions towards this goal:
  • What happens to a PA on inheritance, as far as source control concerned, when we remove the link to the master PA's process configuration from Process Sharing: i.e.
    • We move from "Use the process configuration from another project area for this project area"
    • To "Do not share the process configuration of this project area"
  • Can we still edit the process configuration source in 6.0.4?
  • If so: How do we access it? I don't seem able to find it on Eclipse client, where I used to work with it.
  • If we modify it, or replace it with a blank template: would that messed up the PA beyond accessible.
  • If we purposely introduce errors on the xml syntax: Would the PA be able to be saved? And would it becomes inaccessible/inoperable? Any consequences to other PAs?
  • I had inherited PAs on inheritance before, with the inheritance broken due to local modification to certain local process configurations: Can we also attempt this to mess up the PA further?

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