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RQM Rest API : How to auto rename an attachment while downloading if it already exists

Venkatesh Prasad (21922) | asked Mar 04 '20, 8:53 a.m.
Hello Experts,

I am using the RQM URL Utility to download attachments from Test Case Results of an RQM project area using the REST API links. I am downloading the attachments at the Project Level (not at TCR level) and I am able to download the attachments, however there are a few attachments in the project level which are having the same names.
When I run this utility, it keeps downloading the attachments one by one, however, if it finds an attachment already existing with the same name in this location, it will remove the old one and downloads the new one.

Is there a way we can avoid this. Can the utility simply rename the attachment with _1 if it already finds another attachment at that location ? Please help, its critical and urgent.

Venkatesh Prasad

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Karthik Sirimulla (1811) | answered Mar 06 '20, 5:25 a.m.

Hi Venkatesh,

It is how the utility is designed. Nevertheless you have access to the src code where you can modify the functionality as per your business requirements. 


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