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In rational DNG if the module's workflow status changes, would the object's status within the module would change too?

Srashti Dubey (111) | asked Dec 02 '19, 7:13 a.m.

In rational DNG if any module's workflow status is changing (for exa. from draft to review), would the objects under the module would be inheriting the status of it's parent module? Or we need to setup the object's status separately?

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Sean F (1.1k12337) | answered Dec 02 '19, 12:05 p.m.
Hi Srashti,

Workflow is defined individually on an artifact type basis.

Setting a workflow definition for any artifact type is optional.

The content artifacts in your module (headings, requirements etc.) will not have the same workflow as the module unless you define them to have the same workflow.

Even if you give the content artifacts the same workflow as the module they will not inherit status values from the module.

Content artifacts will have their own status values which are not affected by the module status value.

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