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Problem with the server and Plain Java Client Kit

premkumar sankaranarayanan (523) | asked Nov 15 '19, 11:21 a.m.

 Hello , I'm running a Java code using Plain Java kit from my Mac terminal. My RTC server is at Version: and my Plain Java kit is also at the same level. When I run a simple Logon code using ITeamRepository

i'm getting below error. The URI what I feeding into my code is correct and accessible in the web and the versions also seems to be on the same level not sure what is wrong here. Any advice please. 

Unable to login: This client received an unexpected response.  The URL of the server you are trying to connect to is either invalid, older than your client and not compatible, or behind a proxy or firewall that requires authentication.  Please contact the system administrator to determine the correct URL or server version, and download the appropriate client.

Ralph Schoon commented Nov 16 '19, 6:55 a.m.

How does the URI look, that you use in the Plain Java login?

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