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Where does JTServer store its “Email Settings” because it's trying to connect to the wrong smtp server? (edited 29th August)

Peter Turvey (99236) | asked Aug 21 '19, 4:36 a.m.
edited Aug 29 '19, 6:53 a.m.

Edited from the original message to provide a bit more information :

Following an upgrade from CLM v6.0.2 to v6.0.6. the email messages sent from the Jazz Team Server stopped working.

I have found a “work around” but I have to do this every single time the server reboots.

The error I am getting is a Connection error.

And by monitoring the smtp traffic I can see that the smtp packets are being sent to the wrong ip address. i.e. they are not being sent to my “mailserver”

 My Jazz Team Server’s  E-mail Settings included :

SMTP Server = mailserver

 If I just change the settings so that

SMTP Server = mailserver.fully_qualified_domain_name

and save the change then everything is OK : "Send Test Email" works, the monitored smtp traffic shows the correct ip address for the mailserver and all of the Jazz Team Server's email messages are sent successfully.

 Everything is fine until the next reboot of the server, when the problem returns.

Once again I make a simple edit to the “Email Setttings”

This time SMTP Server = mailserver. (without the FQDN)

and everything is OK.

 I have looked in the “” file for the JTS which has the entry = mailserver

( or = mailserver.FQDN)

Which looks fine as far as I can tell.

 It’s easy enough for me to sort out the problem by making this quick edit on the “Email Settings” page but I don’t really want to be doing this every time the server restarts.

Update (Aug 29th) : I have turned on the "Debug Mail API" setting.
The first line of output in "messages.log" is
getProvider() returning provider protocol = smtp; type=javax.mail.Provider ........
Then the interesting bit. Once I've got things working OK the second line is:
SMTPTransport DEBUG: Connecting to server mailserver:-1 for user "myuser"

But following a reboot of the server it is trying to connect to "oldmailserver" (not the one specified on the "Email Settings page" or the jts/"").

Why if you reboot the Jazz Team Server does it try to send email(smtp) to an old smtp server ?  

Thanks Peter


Peter Turvey commented Aug 27 '19, 9:03 a.m.

Anybody got any ideas ?

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Peter Turvey (99236) | answered Sep 02 '19, 4:43 a.m.

I think I have found out why I have been having problems with smtp mail from the Jazz Team Server v6.0.6.


Everything on the My Jazz Team Server’s  E-mail Settings looked OK including :

SMTP Server = mailserver and the “jts/” file has the entry = mailserver


So I couldn’t work out why email wasn’t working after every reboot of the server.


But I then had a trawl through all of the other configuration files and in the “” for Requirements Management, “rm/”,  I found a reference to an old mail server that we were using last year. = Oldmailserver


I think what must be happening is that when the server reboots the Jazz Team Server is initialized. Then immediately after that each of the applications, ‘ccm’, ‘qm’, ‘dcc’ etc. are initialized.

The ‘rm/’ value for the smtp server must be overwriting the value that we have specified in the Jazz Team Server settings.


I edited ‘rm/’ (using NotePad) so that = mailserver , rebooted the server and now everything seems to be OK.

I do still have a couple of questions which I would be interested in knowing the answers to :

  1. The ‘rm/’ file has not changed for a long time so why did I only start to see problems after the upgrade from v6.0.2 to v6.0.6 ?

  2. Where in the Requirements Management web pages am I supposed to change the smtp server setting ? I couldn’t see it anywhere and had to use NotePad

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