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can one change default recipients of comments

Thomas Kirstätter (181616) | asked Nov 08 '19, 5:14 a.m.
Our issue is, that the creator of a Requirement in DNG is always added as a recipient of a new comment.

That leads to the situation, that often the creator is no longer responsible for further work on the topic but keeps getting mails (as the user creating the comment is unaware and simply keeps the standard recipients).

Is it possible to influence, which user is added to the recipient list? in our case I would like to remove the creator.

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ian green (17814) | answered Dec 03 '19, 1:14 p.m.
Hello Thomas
There is no way to change the default value of directed-to.  I have raised an ER to cover this requirement - Support comments to be directed-to the last-modified-by rather than created-by user (133498).


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