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RQM - Import Test case Results - With Build info/Iteration

Parameswaran V (604) | asked Oct 22 '19, 6:02 a.m.

 I was trying the Scripts that create testcases with TCER.xls in the samples folder of Excel import utility.

What i got: Every time i use this template, the same test case results get updated. This i understand.

My objective is: A Test case and its scripts would be executed on multiple Builds. Is there a way, for me to only import 'Test Case Results' linked with TCER, Test Case , Test Script - based on 'Build'. I mean, can i push the 'Build' via Excel to RQM.

So, the end objective is:
TC1-TS2-TCER1-TCR1_Build1(ID-XX) - For Build 1
TC1-TS2-TCER1-TCR1_Build2(ID-YY) - For Build 2

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Don Yang (7.3k2194130) | answered Oct 22 '19, 8:55 p.m.
While it may not have build concept in cfg file, your end goal seems to be importing multiple test case results to the same TCER. In that sense, this is possible.

See the discussion here:

in which there is a link to the technote with some sample cfg for reference:

I hope this helps. Thanks
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