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RQM Excel Importer: How to link new TCER to existing Test Plan from Excel to RQM?

Lionel Zocli (112) | asked Apr 25 '19, 12:01 p.m.
I would like to link new TCER to an existing Test Plan. But I am facing an issue with the iteration (Testphase).
What instruction should be used for the RQM External ID? Is this expression correct?: executionworkitem.testphase=LinkExisting(C3)
in C3 cell, I have defined my Test Plan ID (

I am getting an error for the export of the testphase.

Thanks for your support.

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Miles Thompson (1824) | answered Apr 25 '19, 12:15 p.m.

 You write that you're trying to link a TCER to an existing Test Plan, but executionworkitem.testphase=LinkExisting() would like the TCER to a test schedule that may or may not be part of the test plan.

To link to an existing Test Plan by just the ID (e.g. 8354), try this:

Lionel Zocli commented Apr 26 '19, 6:20 a.m.
Thanks for the reply.

your suggestion is not working. I get this failure:

Reading Configuration File....
Getting artifacts from document - "Initial_RQM_Import_test.xlsx".....
Error: Configuration File, Line 63, Found a value that reduced to "LinkByExistingID(C3)", but was expecting a value equivalent to a column, cell, or literal.

*** Exporting Aborted: Errors found! ***

I can link the test case to an existing test plan wihout problem by using this: where C3 cell contains

But to link new TCER to an existing test plan, it is not working and no failure message (executionworkitem.testplan=LinkExisting(C3). I thought the problem was the testphase. This is why I also tried to associate the TCER to the related testphase of the testplan (executionworkitem.testphase=LinkExisting(C3))

Miles Thompson commented Apr 26 '19, 10:43 a.m.

That's unfortunate. I would have thought either the way I wrote it or the way you wrote it (executionworkitem.testplan=LinkExisting(C3)) would work. I have had success with executionworkitem.testplan=Link(C3) when simultaneously importing the TCER and the Test plan. This should work when C3 contains the XLSArtifactID, not the URL. I'm not sure why is working with the URL, but maybe the syntax is different than testcase.testplan=Link(C3).

Recapping what you've tried:
  • executionworkitem.testphase=LinkExisting(C3) --  Error for exporting
  • executionworkitem.testplan=LinkByExistingID(C3) -- Error, didn't understand that C3 was a cell
  • executionworkitem.testplan=LinkExisting(C3) -- No linking and no error
My suggestions to try:
  • executionworkitem.testplan=Link(C3)
Let us know how it goes!


Lionel Zocli commented May 03 '19, 7:08 a.m.
Unfortunately the suggestions do not work :( .
  • executionworkitem.testplan=Link(C3)
    • No failure from the tool but the testplan is not updated.
    • No failure from the tool but the testplan is not updated.
Do you have any other idea?

Lionel Zocli commented May 03 '19, 10:49 a.m. | edited May 03 '19, 11:38 a.m.
executionworkitem.testplan=Link(C3) is working !!! I made one mistake in my excel as I am generating many TCERs for a same test case in the same excel sheet..
I have now the test case (with testcase.testplan=Link(C3) ),TCERs and the TCRs in the given existing test plan.
But I can still not see the Iteration along with the TCER in my test plan. No error during the import. I am using the syntax with H3 = is my iteration.

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