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JRS report not populating requirement data validated by a test script step

Timothy Distel (73151) | asked Apr 04 '19, 12:12 p.m.

Hello, I am using CLM Suite 6.0.6.

I'm currently using JRS to generate a report on test results of a test plan traced through test script steps to requirements. I'm able to pull requirement information when just adding the titles in, but the data duplicates rows since more than one requirement can be linked to a test script. When I add a custom expression to the report to concatenate the requirements into one row for each test script, the requirements column is empty. This works great for me if I specify the requirements are linked to the test case, but trying to get the data through test scripts or test script steps concatenated results in a blank column. These requirements are linked through test script steps, and I've tried running the report tracing through only test scripts, and then through test script steps, both to no avail. Is this an error or am I missing some type of configuration?

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Elohim Arranaga (2461) | answered Apr 05 '19, 12:37 p.m.

Hi Timothy, 

   Definitively, you are not missing any configuration unless of course you have not enabled "Allow linking between test script steps and requirements" in "Manage project properties" which I think is not the case as in your example as you mention you managed to see 2 (repeated) rows with requirements. What I would suggest is to reach out to support to see your custom expression so they can verify if said expression is correct and supported. 

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