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With RPE, how to get the "results" from a test case link in DNG ?

Marie-Emilie Bion (354) | asked Nov 28 '22, 10:08 a.m.
In a DNG RPE caneva, from a requirement, I have defined one QM data source to get to the "validatedby" link and get the TestCase data, such as : TestCase  description, Test Case categories values, ...
These Test Case have been runned and have a result (I think that it is the "Result Label" but not sure). I would like to get the global result at the test case level. For now, I cannot succed in getting this information directly from my QM data Source configuration.
Shall I create a new data source ?
Depending on the existing QM data source (source and target)
With which URI ?
Another solution ?
thanks for your help

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