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Test Suite Execution Record is missing Test Cases from Test Suite and reporting incorrect progress

Timothy Distel (5516) | asked Mar 12, 2:59 p.m.

 Hello, I'm using CLM Suite 6.0.6.

I have a TSER exhibiting 2 anomalous behaviors simultaneously. The TSER does not contain all of the test cases that were included in the test suite that the execution record was created from. Not only that, but from any user other than the tester, clicking the progress of the TSER to see what has been done does not reflect accurately either. Essentially, a tester is running a TSER without all of the test cases needed, and viewing the progress on that TSER from anyone other than the tester who is executing provides inaccurate data.

Our process for the creation of these TSERs is the test lead creates the TSER within the context of a test plan and assigns individual testers as the owner of the TSERs. The testers then search for TSERs that they own, and execute.

The tester, when initializing execution, only customized the selection to run the TSER in parallel.

Can anyone provide insight into these behaviors?

Don Yang commented Mar 12, 8:40 p.m.
- when creating a TSER, if you have the below property enabled

Manage Project Properties > Execution Preferences
Automatically create test case execution records whenever a test suite execution record is created

it may generate TCER when creating TSER, otherwise, I don't think it would automatically create all TCERs for the test cases within TestSuite.

- for the progress bar, you may provide more details what you mean by "inaccurate data"(what are expected, what is current behavior etc). I am not sure if Forum is the right place for this issue, it may need to go to support for further investigation.

Timothy Distel commented Mar 13, 4:20 p.m.


Thank you for your response. The "Automatically create test case execution records whenever a test suite execution record is created" property is enabled in our test environment. The issue with progress was referring to when the test lead clicked on the progress bar of the test suite execution record, it would only show that say, two test cases were completed when actually there were more. Fortunately, there seemed to have been some user error involved in this particular situation. I believe the issue may have stemmed from the context of where the tester began executing the TSER.

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Subhajit Bhuiya (3941) | answered Mar 29, 4:22 a.m.

 Suppose test suite has 5 test cases. You created a TSER and run that. This will run those 5 test cases. Suppose you have added another 2 test cases in the test suite. Two 2 test cases will not be taken during the current / previous execution. If you run the TSER again, then it will run all 5 test cases. I guess in your case someone has added test cases to test suite after TSER was run

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