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How to link a test suite to requirements?

Moritz Hechler (133) | asked Feb 17 '21, 10:33 a.m.

to my understanding test suites are a collection of test cases which have been grouped for test execution purposes. Why can't I link test suites to requirements from DOORS just like I can with test cases?

I am using RQM for hardware verification and as an example I want to verify the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to fulfill a standard. This includes several different tests. For each test I create a test case. I group all these test cases within a test suite called "EMC". Obviously not every single test (case) verifies the standard on its own but the collection of these test cases. So how can I indicate that the test suite satisfies the requirement?

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Karthik Sirimulla (1811) | answered Feb 18 '21, 12:20 a.m.

 Hi Moritz, 

Unfortunately, it is not possible. A lot of people have the same need.


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Moritz Hechler commented Feb 18 '21, 1:15 a.m.
Hi Karthik,

thanks a lot for clarification. This ticket was created in 2011, this must be a joke, right? I guess IBM will never implement this, why do people keep asking for any updates on that matter? :D

Can you suggest any workaround?

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Amit Talwar (565) | answered Feb 19 '21, 4:41 p.m.

A Test Suite intended use is run a set of test cases either sequentially or in parallel.  If you are looking at grouping Test Cases, then you should utilize a Test Plan for that grouping the Test Cases.  You can link Test Plans to View of a Module(s) or Collection(s) in DNG.  Once that relationship is established, you can reconcile on that relationship to see what requirements do not have Test Cases covering them and generate Test Case Stubs.  See this Tips and Trick webinar on ETM(formerly know as RQM) that covers this and other ETM topics.  ETM Tips and Tricks

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