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RQM report parameter configuration

Oana Capatana (23520) | asked Feb 26 '19, 9:38 a.m.
edited Feb 26 '19, 8:54 p.m. by Muralidhar Rajagopal (10114)


I am running some rpe reports from RQM Web UI. I have a few questions regarding the parameters (external variables in RPE) of how to configure them.
1. For a parameter that is a string and I want to get the value from a drop down list, I have used in Edit Configuration Metadata dialog the following:
which works to retrieve the list of categories, but when I try to add a user input filtering box, the list disappears. I would like to see the list when clicking on Browse and have the input for filtering the list. I have tried this but with no luck:

2. Can the parameters be formatted to appear as a specific type? For example, I have some external variables that can have true/false values and would like to make them visible in RQM as checkboxes

3. Can the logged in user name be taken automatically to be printed in the report?


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Subramanya Prasad Pilar (4.6k16) | answered Feb 28 '19, 4:30 a.m.
Hi Oana,
1. You can try setting the following
${public}/service/${projectAreaUUID}/category?fields=feed/entry/content/category[title='something X']/title&wildcard=X
2. I am afraid that is possible only for DNG reports.
3. For RQM, you need another request to get contributor/name corresponding to userid.


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