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Recommended service logon account level for a JTS running on WAS as a service on Windows Server 2012

Deepak Paul John (261) | asked Feb 18 '19, 3:10 a.m.

We have currently installed a Websphere application server (V9) running as a service on a Windows Server 2012. Jazz Team Server (6.0.4) is installed on the WAS.

I would like to know the recommended service logon account level to be used to run the WAS as a Windows Service.

Currently, we have configured a domain user account as an Administrator on the Windows server and is using this account to run the WAS as a service. This procedure is detailed out in

Now, as per Microsoft's recommendation, this is not the correct practice. ( The domain user account ideally should not be given an admin privilege and this is similar to running the service as a Local System Account itself with very high privileges.

To summarize, my question would be: Can we run WAS (and JTS and other CLM applications) as a service under a domain user account, who is configured as a non-administrator on a Windows Server?
Also, If yes, is this a recommended practice (running WAS as a non-admin domain user) or is the IBM recommendation to run the service as a local system account/domain user account with admin privileges?


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