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Mandatory attribute in RTC

Bareket Matmon (1715) | asked Nov 11 '18, 4:37 a.m.


I have created and configured two WI types: Feature and Problem. 
For both WI types, there should be common attribute called 'Testing Status' which is from type Enumeration.
So I've created this attribute under the 'Problem''s attribute. In order to use the same attribute for 'Feature', I selected under 'Add Custom Attribute' the 'Reuse Existing Attribute' option, then add this field to to 'Feature' editor presentation. 

So far so good. The problem starts when I set this attribute to be mandatory. 
Under 'Operation Behavior'→'Save Work Item (server) on 'Everyone (default)' column I've added precondition of 'Required Attribute For Type and State'.
From there I just marked the 'Testing Status' attribute to be mandatory for both 'Feature' and 'Problem' WIs. 

When I checked it on RTC web browser, I saw that the precondition apply only on 'Problem' WI, and not on 'Feature'.

I trying to understand what is the issue here, and why the precondition for 'Feature' does not apply properly. 

BTW, I'm using RTC 6.0.3 


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