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Artifact Names Truncated by Line Feeds

David Reilly (69542) | asked Oct 18 '18, 2:43 p.m.
edited Oct 18 '18, 2:44 p.m.

Consider the following example. 

I import my requirements from Excel, where they are "rich text." They resemble something like this (shown as CSV). 

id, Name, Primary Text
1, , "The following user aliases will be available: 

As you can see, the above primary text features soft returns, or line feeds. For us, not every requirement needs to be atomic and the simplicity of a simple soft-return gives our analysts more flexibility. 

The artifact is displayed in DNG as such:
Artifact ID, Name, Primary Text
101, The following user aliases will be available:,  "The following user....-Schmidt" (shortened for brevity)

Depending on your use-case, you could argue that this is intentional or desired, but it is certainly to our detriment. This prevents us from filtering for requirements where "Jingleheimer" is impacted, despite the fact that the requirement's primary text itself is well within the 255-character limit. And the artifact's name isn't even useful.

WI-52569 partially solves this problem from a quick search perspective, but that doesn't address the root of this issue - nor does it allow us to filter on primary text anyway.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? How did you address it?


app version: DNG v6.0.2 iFix0015

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