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Why the artifact order from a reqif file is sometimes not preserved?

Artyom Tarasenko (111) | asked Mar 13 '18, 7:41 a.m.
I have a toy DOORS-classic project with two entries. I export it as a ReqIF and import into DNG. Then I modify one entry and add another one, open a stream in DNG and import the updated ReqIF. So far so good, I see the  changed entry (#2) and the new one (#3). Then I add another entry (#4) and import the updated ReqIF into the same stream. And suddenly the  entry #4  appears before the entry #3.

If I go back to the initial stream, create another stream and import the last reqif file with the four entries, the order is the same as in the reqif file.

The question: is  the order of the entries in a reqif file supposed to be preserved? Or is it random and a dedicated order attribute should be used?

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