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Unable to filter on State (Default) in RDNG

Michael Mancini (1362410) | asked Dec 05 '17, 12:53 p.m.

Version: 6.0.3 (iFix001)

We recently migrated from using a custom "Status" attribute to using the new integrated workflow "State" for our artifact types in 6.0.3. The State workflow populates and works as expected.

The issue arises when we attempt to filter or create a shared view using the new "State (default)" attribute. RDNG is unable to accurately filter the information needed when selecting any (or all) states in the workflow. The results are always:

No artifacts match the selected folder or filter.

If I negate the filter and use "State (Default) is not any of [all states]", all of the artifacts in the project area are displayed. The artifacts do contain "State" information.

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