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RQM - Ability to control access to specific categories via Roles

Parameswaran V (584) | asked Aug 22 '18, 2:43 a.m.
Brief Background:
  • Within Test Case Category we had defined 10 Categories.
  • We have 8 of the Categories to be Global - Common across all projects. (The Category title and the values are common)
  • Only two Categories would be at the Project level - Project team would edit the values within these categories based on their Project needs. (Example: variants name or functions name etc)
The question is: Is there a way, i can control the roles/permissions at 'Category' level. i.e two Categories would be to Project Lead; however other categories would be outside his/her preview.(Only for Global Admin). Or is there is a some other way, we can do it.

Though we had defined user guide (who should edit, what category) ; there are instances where we see changes in common categories and this is creating some confusion.

CLM v6.0.4

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Don Yang (7.2k2194127) | answered Aug 23 '18, 1:14 a.m.

Currently there are only Save Category and Save Category Value permissions for the roles.
if you hover over the "Save Category/Save Category Value" permission you will see the following text:

"Create, edit, and delete test artifact categories from within a test artifact or on the Manage Project Properties page.  Only project administrators and users with JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository permissions can access the Manage Project Properties page.  To create, edit, and delete test artifact categories on the Manage Project Properties page, you must also have permission to save administrative options."

In Save Category permission, there is Global > Create and Promote sub permissions.
If you want to restrict the user to be able to do something on local category but not global category,
other than creating and promoting category, you can not really distinguish them. For existing global categories, even though there are no create and promote permissions, the user may still edit or add new values to it. I guess it would be good to have Global > Edit permission to control the user Not able to update any existing global categories which is missing in RQM currently.

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Parameswaran V commented Sep 21 '18, 1:33 a.m.

Thank you....

I have raised an enhancement. 

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