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Issues with permissions when using a deep hierarchy

nannette Mori (50468) | asked Aug 20 '18, 2:44 p.m.



We’re having an issue where users are not able to modify certain custom attributes or save the workitem unless those attributes are set to their default value.  Defect 152767 seems to describe this issue pretty well, however it doesn’t appear to be fixed as mentioned in the defect.  The most significant difference seems to be that we’re using a 10 level hierarchy which inherits all permissions from the top level.  When changing teams the users at the lower team levels have to set some of the attributes to their default values in order to save the workitem.  It only seems to work when the user is within the 1st or 2nd level of the hierarchy. This is when the filed against is being changed.


We’re also seeing an issue where permissions are not being applied correctly in general on some of the custom attributes, even though it appears to be setup correctly.  This is without the filed against being changed.


This started occurring suddenly a few weeks ago, and as far as we know nothing has changed.  It worked fine before.


Any ideas?

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