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[DNG] Uploading Multiple File Artifacts

David Reilly (697) | asked Jun 26 '18, 2:23 p.m.
We are looking to examine the ability to download the artifacts for viewing and uploading back into the same files. Is there any method for performing this in bulk, or do all changed artifacts need to be uploaded one by one?

We are currently using RDNG v6.0.2 iFix015. 


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David Reilly (697) | answered Jul 10 '18, 10:46 a.m.
edited Jul 10 '18, 10:47 a.m.
To answer my own question: Nothing out of the box. 

But on a similar issue, say you wanted to even view the artifacts via bulk export. It's actually more of a pain than it sounds. See below.

First things first: 
Go into Chrome and make sure you do not have the "Ask where to save each file before saving" feature turned on. You'll thank me later. 

1. Select X file artifacts.
2. Right-click, other options, download for viewing. 
3. Watch your browser freak out and open X tabs. (Actual)
* 3. Zip file downloads with your selection. (Expected)
4. Navigate to download folder. See downloads.

Additionally, and this is likely another RFE, because why not.

Scenario: You've imported your images using the word document import feature. I imagine this is pretty common, because as we've already established with initial my post here, you literally can't import a massive amount of files/images any other way. 
1. File formats are empty in the artifact name unless you populate them after import. (Actual)
* 1. Formats should be appended to "Image X" when detected on import. (Expected)
* 1. Formats should be appended to the file name when exported. (Alt. Expected)
2. Repeat steps above.
3. Files downloaded are without format and thus cannot be viewed unless you know the initial format. 
4. Workaround: Assume they are all .png and CMD Copy *.* *.png

Temporary Fix:
1. Filter by artifact format for a specific file format, in this case: .JPG
2. Save your filter.
3. Export to CSV.
4. Concatenate the artifact name with the file format ".JPG"
5. Import CSV.
6. Repeat steps above for other artifacts of different file types.

This forum is like shouting into the void, but hopefully this helps someone else who is just trying to make it work.

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