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How to optimize DCC - Change and Configuration Management - Wokr Items ODS Job when runing a full load

Christian Morgan (317612) | asked Jun 03 '18, 10:35 a.m.
retagged Jun 08 '18, 2:26 p.m. by Jackie Albert (1.6k14846)
 We recently set our dcc job configurations to full load after suspecting there were potential issues with the data in the data warehouse.  Specificly differences in reports versus actual data in the live repository.  We took a backup of the data warehouse db, set the configuration to full load and ran.  Most of the ODS jobs ran without an issue and took a long time, we knew that would happen, however the Change and Configuration Management - Work Items job ran in excess of 72 hrs.  Given the size of our ccm db it seems execessive.  When we fist setup the DCC it did not take more than 10 hrs or so.

Is there any way to calculate an aspproximate time to complete based on db sizes, app server ram or any other factors?  Once running is there any way to track progress?  Aside from ensuring the logs do not contain errors, and the jobs counters are increasing, is there a more precise way of gettting at a percentage complete/remaining?
We have since cancelled the CCM - Work Items ODS job, restored our db backup for the DW, reindexed the indices for the DCC and set all the jobs to delta load configuration.  We are only 7 days between the full load to the delta load off of the backup restoration and the CCM - Work Items ODS job is running for over 30 hours, just doesn't sem right.

Anyone with any thoughts?  We have a PMR open, but support is telling us to just wait for it to complete.

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