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Sorting custom attribute in RTC query

Bareket Matmon (17112) | asked Mar 28 '18, 9:30 a.m.


After creating new query in RTC, I'm trying to sort one of the custom attribute called 'Value' (from type: Large HTML), but I couldn't find it in 'Sorting' list. how I can add it there? I want to sort this attribute.


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Piotr Aniola (3.7k11738) | answered Mar 28 '18, 9:52 a.m.

 It seems you can't sort by a Large HTML attribute, regardless of whether it's a custom or built-in attribute (for example, you can sort by Summary which is of type Medium HTML, but not Description, which is Large HTML). 

I believe this is a deliberate limitation due to performance reasons. You can create an enhancement request on to address that.

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Donald Nong commented Mar 29 '18, 4:20 a.m.

I think the limitation is due to how Large String and Large HTML are stored in the database. There is no efficient way to pull the data of these types and sort them. Assuming that the content cannot be accommodated in a Medium HTML attribute which holds 1000 bytes of XML text (including tags), the length of the content is more than 1000 bytes. Does it really make sense to sort them? If absolutely necessary, probably use a different attribute for sorting, or add a new attribute to hold the first XXX bytes of the Large HTML attribute for sorting.

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